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Our Story

On March 1st, 2007, William Clay Davison was born to his proud parents, Gary and Jinger Davison. Will, as we called him, was a healthy 7 pound 13 ounces. A bit smaller than his sister, but yet very healthy. He came to us at Northside Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, as we were surrounded with love by so many well-wishers.

Even though he was healthy, Will still required a bit of extra attention. He was born with a condition called torticollis. As a result he also had plagiocephally. Plagiocephally is a misshaping of the head as a result of gravity pulling to one side. This is very correctable and Will was receiving physical therapy for this. He was seeing a wonderful PT who meant a lot to him and the entire family. Subsequently, Will was progressing very nicely and much progress was gained.

Over his nearly five months, he learned a lot and we enjoyed watching him grow. He interacted with us greatly through his sister, Gracie, and the activities that we all enjoyed together. Gracie called Will "Baby ill" and it caught on and others began calling him "ill" as well! Occasionally, in the evening, we would sit together on the deck and play with his puppy, Beau. His laugh was contagious as he loved to have his tummy and neck kissed. Peekaboo was also something he started with us...covering his own face and pulling his "rubbie" off to smile gleefully up at us.

Will passed away on the afternoon of July 25, 2007, in his sleep. He was the victim of (SIDS) Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. This quiet killer has taken our son, but not robbed us of his spirit. We ache for our son daily, as he lightened up our lives and made us whole. He is no longer with us, but we carry on the torch of bringing joy to others...much the same way he did.

In his way, we learned much from him. He taught me the true meaning of unconditional love and kindness for all. He never met anyone that was not a friend or someone to be loved. He was the best friend I have ever had. Even though the conversations were very one-sided, we "talked" about everything and I feel as though he understood me when I was excited or frustrated with something. Talking to him was a real blessing for me, as he helped me to always look for the silver-lining in everything and the best in everyone. I will miss my boy so much!

As a remembrance to him, this site and the subsequent scholarship have been founded. It is our hope that many other children in the future can enjoy the legacy of giving that Will inspired in us as his parents.

Please kiss your children and love them unconditionally!

Gary, Jinger, and Gracie Davison

Information about (SIDS) Sudden
Infant Death Syndrome can be
found at:

http://www.sids.org/ http://www.springforsids.org/ http://www.sidscenter.org/ http://www.firstcandle.org/ http://www.cjsids.com/
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